How to Work In Italy as a Doctor

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Do you want to work in Italy as  doctor?

The requirement to apply to the Italian Medical Council for the medical profession in Italy is to be fulfilled in doctors who are not citizens or whose medical degree has been issued from medical school abroad.

Citizenship and citizenship laws and credentials gained outside Italy are taken into account by the law.

It should be noted that the medical profession’s practice is permitted only for occasional services rendered by doctors holding EU citizenship. Also subject to the previous contact by the Italian Ministry of Health without registration with the Italian Medical Council can practice the medical profession.

Program Management Period

A request for registration on the National Practitioner’s Registry, sent to the Italian Medical Council, must be carefully checked.

The time required is based upon the application’s complexity. The length of time needed is dependent on the application’s complexity.

In the legal term of three months from the date of presentation, the Medical Council of Italy must accept or reject a submission.

It should be noted that the medical profession’s practice is permitted only for occasional services rendered by doctors holding EU citizenship.

Requirements for Doctors without EU Citizenship Graduated in a Non-EU Country

A valid Stay Permission for the applicant

Doctors outside the EU have a valid residence permit in Italy, which is subject to the rules laid down by immigration laws. The forms of residency permits that are deemed adequate for registration in professional registers are as follows:

  • On employment reason or awaiting work (either self-employed or dependent);
  • For purposes of the family;
  • For purposes of research and education only, except that a doctor is permitted to work for not more than 20 hours a week and not more than 1040 hours a year, restricted to the periods of study and training.

The residence license is always valid and must be renewed at the police headquarters periodically. If the renewal is not made, then the Register shall be terminated.

The occupation in Italy, therefore, can not be continued. The permanent resident visa, which substitutes for the permit for temporary residency, is also available.

The Italian Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education, Universities, and Science shall accept qualifications.

The Italian Health Ministry for which an application must be made (see above) should also be remembered. The Ministry of Education, Universities, and Research should also approve the degree obtained outside the EU.

The two bureaus review and arrive at one of the following conclusions: The doctor’s course of study.

  • The doctor will apply for registrations in the Italian Medical Council within two years of the immediate Order of graduate recognition;
  • The applicant may have to undergo evaluation or incorporate a further Italian University thesis with his / her course of study. The doctor can receive a degree that is valid in Italy after completing the requisite further studies. He will then pass the necessary test before registering in the province of residence with the Italian Medical Council.
  • The request is refused; therefore, the applicant cannot register with the Italian Medical Council and can not practice medicine in Italy.

An adequate evaluation of Italian language skills is required of the applicant.

As we are talking in this case of non-Italian doctors who have a degree in a foreign language, it is essential to test the knowledge of Italian language and regulations regulating the practice of the profession in Italy before receiving an inscription with the Order (and thus being able to practice in Italy).

A test is done by the group of practitioners for which the practitioner applies.

The Order continues with its entry in the registry if the verification is concluded positively.

Otherwise, it defines a time-limit for the practitioner to take the new test, giving the applicant time to obtain good language command and good knowledge of Italian regulations.

Unless the Italian Medical Council registers first, doctors without an EU citizenship will not be permitted to practice medicine under any circumstance in Italy. As stated earlier, registration requires the competent authority in Italy to accept credentials, a valid residency Permit, and an examination of Italian language skills.

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It is essential to test the knowledge of Italian language and regulations regulating the practice of the profession in Italy before receiving an inscription with the Order.

Acknowledgment of qualification for EU citizens, Swiss Confederation and SEE field for the practice of the occupation of a surgeon (Doctor), obtained by non-EU citizens

Procedures: For the corresponding occupation in Italy, an application with the stamp duty to Ministry of Health (Form D1-Doctor)followed by all documents mentioned in Annex D1, is to obtain recognition of eligible surgeon qualifications obtained in a non-EU country by non-EU citizens, citizens of the EU, citizens of the Swiss Confederation and citizens of the EEA (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein)

Who may apply for it: Non-EU residents, EU nationals, Swiss confederate citizens, residents of EEA region (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein) who have received the Ph.D. in a non-EU country

What do you need to ask for it: The interested party must apply to the Ministry of Health (D1 – Doctor Application form) and all of the documentation provided in Annex D1, stamped.

General warning: Professional credentials gained in a non-EU country are recognized if the Italian Diplomatic or Consular Authority is present in the State or by Apostille or in the State where the credential was issued (The Hague Convention 5.10.1961).

  • An Italian translated version shall accompany all papers written in a foreign language. The original text must approve such translation by the Italian Embassy or Consulate in the country where the certificate has been obtained. The translator must swear it at the Italian Court.
  • Photocopied documents can be validated in the Italian municipality offices, either at the Italian Embassy or Consulate in the country of origin or Italy.
  • No color photocopying is permitted.
  • This Administration forwards all communication about the procedure to the address indicated by the party concerned for the application. Therefore, the involved party is responsible for notifying the address person by letter of any changes promptly.
  • The Administration is not accountable for communication obtained by the interested party as a result of the transfer of incorrect indication of the address.

Instructions and Forms

How the application is submitted

  • Modern article

Department beneficiary: (DGPROF) Directorate General of Health Professions and Human Resources of the National Health Service

Office 2 – Recognition of qualifications of health professionals and specialist and master’s degrees

  • Delivery by hand.

Address: Viale Giorgio Ribotta, 5 00144 Rome

How long it takes

3-4 months after the involved party submits the full report

What it cost

Stamp of income: from €16.00 to be added to request form

How the results are announced

  • Classic mail


Where the results are published

  • Official Record
  • Educational place administrative (Traditional site)


The Regulations

  • Decree of the President of the Republic n. 394 of 31.8.1999;
  • Directive n. 2005/36 / EC of the European Parliament and the Council of 07/09/2005;
  • Legislative Decree n. 206 of 09/11/2007.


Salary of a doctor in Italy

The average income per physician in Italy is € 126,530 a year and €61 an hour. For doctors, there is an average salary of €85,396 to €163,590. The highest level of medical education is, on average, the Bachelor’s degree. The pay study is based on salary survey information obtained directly from employers and anonymous Italian workers.

Medmal insurance

Remeber: if you wanna work in Italy as a doctor, you need to have a medmal insurance. Ask here for a quote.


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